Publicity of our research

Our NASA funded research looking for ways to detect chemical traces of past life has gained interest once again. The SDSU NewCenter wrote up a nice piece on the work that Jessica, and now Karen, have been undertaking on this project. The work is also featured on the College of Sciences web page.

It’s great to see the hard work of our research team getting the recognition that they deserve.

Book Chapter on Active Learning

Book on teaching analytical chemistry
New Approaches to Chemistry Teaching

If you are at all interested in learning more about active learning, or teaching a flipped classroom, particularly with an emphasis on analytical chemistry courses, you may want to check out a new ACS book: Active Learning in the Analytical Chemistry Curriculum

The book is a collection of works from the leaders in analytical chemistry curriculum developments, including Dr. Harrison. His chapter is a collaboration with Dr. Elana M. S. Stennett on how to develop a flipped classroom and to tailor it for analytical chemistry instruction.

Congratulations Adrian!

We’re very happy to announce that another lab member has joined the IMSD supported team of students in the lab. Adrian now joins Madee and Cat in the program. It’s a great honor to have so many deserving and promising young scientist in the lab, and it is encouraging that the IMSD teams sees, and wants to support, their potential as well.Adrian sitting on a bench

Adrian Colazo

IMSD Scholars in the lab

Congratulations to Cat who joins Madee in the IMDS scholars program. The program is designed to aid underrepresented groups successfully enter Ph.D. programs in the sciences. We’re very excited to have two students in the lab who are so deserving of this opportunity, and we look forward to seeing their progress in the lab, and into their graduate careers.